Empowering Bravery in Life and Work

We transform organisations to foster courageous and human-centric cultures that thrive sustainably.

30+ years building humanistic cultures

Since 1992, The Human Resource Practice has worked with hundreds of companies to recreate human-centric ways of working. Through organisational development, people and leadership training, strategic facilitation, and mindset/behaviour change, we help create brave environments where individuals, teams and organisations can flourish.

Culture Change and Reinvention

We help organisations develop a more humanistic and courageous culture, reinventing for long-term sustainability and employee well-being.

Strategic Facilitation

Our experts facilitate strategic planning and reinvention sessions, helping organisations navigate complex challenges and achieve their strategic purpose.


We offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions to support personal and professional growth, tailored to the unique needs of individuals, teams and the organisation.

Leadership Development

Our leadership programmes and courses are designed to cultivate strong, empathetic, and effective leaders who can drive organisational success.

People Development

We deliver creative and humanist solutions for whole person at work using different forums such as in person, hybrid and online workshops. These are customised and some are accredited.

Become Dare to Lead™ Trained

Based on the research of Brené Brown and led by certified Dare to Lead™ facilitators, these courses equip leaders with the tools and skills to build a culture of courage, vulnerability, and empathy.

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